Will The New Edge Be The Best Way To Watch NetFlix

Will The New Edge Be The Best Way To Watch NetFlix
Will The New Edge Be The Best Way To Watch NetFlix

As Microsoft continues to refine its forthcoming Chromium-based Edge browser, users on the Windows 10 subreddit (www reddit.com/r/Windows10) have found flags (the experimental settings in Chromium) in a leaked version indicating that Edge 2.0 will offer 4K Netflix streaming.

Best place to watch Netflix

Edge is currently the only browser that can stream Netflix at such high quality, with other browsers managing a not-quite-full-HD 720p. Ever since Microsoft announced its decision to redesign the Edge browser around the Chromium engine, users have been wondering which features would make the jump from the old browser to the new one.

Redditors believe that – in this case at least – they now have an answer (bitly/reddit473). The two flags relate to PlayReady, a digital rights management (DRM) system that lets computers stream 4K videos. Enabling ‘PlayReady DRM for Windows 10’ and ‘PlayReady Experimental HEVC Decoding’ should, in theory, mean that the new Edge will definitely deliver Netflix in 4K.

Having said that, you’ll still need a powerful Intel Kaby Lake or Nvidia GeForce processor to stream video at such a high resolution. Significantly, there’s no sign of either flag in other Chromium-based browsers. Although Microsoft may remove the feature (or other browsers might implement it) before launch, Edge looks set to become the best way to watch high-quality Netflix streams.

The best place to watch Netflix’ is a strong boast for a revamped browser making its debut. For that reason alone, we’d be shocked if Microsoft dropped Netflix’s 4K streaming capabilities. The current Edge’s 4K offering sets it apart from Chrome and, as such, it would be more surprising if Microsoft didn’t include the setting in its newest browser. Not only would existing users welcome it, but it would also be an enticing feature for users of rival browsers.


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