How to transfer balance from airtel to airtel mobile number


Now you can share your airtel main account balance to another airtel number.  Every network company offers balance transfer services to share their talk time with friends and family number. If you are an Airtel subscriber and wishes to transfer the main balance on a different account. You can follow simple actions to transfer the airtel balance on another airtel number.

You can easily move the balance to a person by using a short USSD code 141#.  Note that there’s a service fee for this process.  Airtel takes a very little amount of cash to transfer your balance.  What you have to do is simple applying USSD code and enter the amount how much you would like to transfer.

Just follow the step-by-step procedure to learn how to transfer the mobile balance to Airtel.

How can I Transfer balance from Airtel to Airtel Mobile Number:

There are two conditions you ought to follow while transferring the balance to someone. The very first one is it’s just possible when both the receiver and sender are using same operator (Airtel) and the second thing is before transferring your balance you must know that the USSD code for a balance transfer.

Then you can successfully transfer your balance to someone. Here you will get USSD code and Procedure for shifting Balance.

Airtel to Airtel balance transfer USSD code is *141#

Simply dial this USSD on your mobile then you will discover the whole menu and the menu will look like that:

  • Share talk time.
  • Buy happy hours.
  • Take loan/Ask for talk time.
  • Gift pack
  • Call me back SMS
  • Account
  • Help

Steps to follow to transfer the balance from airtel to airtel mobile:

  1. Now you need to pick the” Answer” button and then press on the”1″ button to “Share talk time” choice then click on the” send” button.
  2. Now you are going to have to enter the amount that you wish to move your friend or someone.
  3. The beginning balance should be 5 rupees up to 40 rupees you can share with your friends.
  4. Along with the minimum services charge will be 10 rupees.  Even there is a limitation for the day.  Per day you are able to share just five times and per month 150.
  5. Afterward, you will get specifics of how much balance do you what to transfer for including service tax also.  Just enter the number details.
  6. Next, you need to enter your friend phone.
  7. Then input the “send” button.
  8. Now, you get a message from Airtel with all transaction details.
  9. Your buddy will get a message that will show like, the amount you have gifted.

airtel balance transfer

Last words:

I hope you have transfer Airtel talk time successfully.  It is really easy and simple to move the balance.  Now I do not think you may get any problem while doing this process.  Before entering the mobile number of your friend just once check the mobile number because Airtel operator isn’t responsible for the loss of balance in the event of entering a wrong mobile number.

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