Top Best Free Screen Sharing Tools

Screen Sharing Tools
Screen Sharing Tools

Whether you want to show someone what’s on your screen, control what’s on theirs or access your own PC while you’re away, we tested a range of tools designed for the job. In this detailed article we will show you about some Best Free Screen Sharing Tools.

TeamViewer – Free Screen Sharing Tool

Many companies have tried to topple TearnViewer from its throne. but the software Just keeps getting better. This professional screen sharing tool is free for personal use but is widely used by businesses who are happy to Pay for it. This creates a perfect situation for Free software enthusiasts like us.


Because we can benefit from its broad range of commercial-Quality features while someone else Pays for its development. As a result. TeamViewer is brimming with options. Sure, many of the newest tools are aimed at business users – if we haven’t looked in-depth at the last few versions here at Web User.

It is because its new features have been firmly aimed at paying customers. These include tools such as augmented reality. so you can provide support for products other than computers. It’s deeply innovative but we’re not expecting to see you using it to help an elderly relative operate their new microwave.

TeamViewer is able to focus on such high-level innovation because everything else is already in place. At its most basic, TeamViewer ads a number of communication tools to Its screen
star log, from text chat to video conferencing using your webcam, so you can talk to the People you’re sharing with.

There’s a Communal file-storage area. 50 you can transfer files from one device to another. and a whiteboard that you can use to male and store notes. The developers have thought of everything. If you’re sharing your own screen. the recipient doesn’t even need to have TeamViewer running, although fa remote control, the software must be installed on both PC.

How It an be Improved

Because It’s so advanced. TeamViewer is also the most complicated of the tools we’ve reviewed. It’s not difficult to use but It offers a lot more features, which means more buttons to click and options to choose from. Annoyingly. ClamAV, one of the tools used by VirusTotal flagged TeamViewer as malware. We’re certain this is a false positive, but It’s only fair we warn you. It’s also frustrating that TalkTalk blocks TeamViewer in its default security settings.


It’s a predictable winner, but that’s because TeamViewer is still the best_ Rivals may be snapping at its heels but TeamViewer fends them oil with the sheer quality and range of its tools and options. It’s robust. reliable and trustworthy. It’s also still free, and offers the same tools for personal users that businesses have to pay for. making It one of free software’s true heroes.

AnyDesk – Free Screen Sharing Tools 

AnyDesk is basically a TeamViewer clone. While it still falls some way behind our Gold Award winner for features, it has the same core functions covered: simple screen sharing Tool that’s free for personal use. One of the best things about AnyDesk is that you can use a portable version, which means you can run it on a PC without installing it.

This makes it ideal for solving quick technical problems on remote computers. If you want to be able to connect to a PC remotely without someone present at the other end, you’ll need to install the AnyDesk software on it.

It doesn’t take up much space, however, because the file is only around 2MB in size. An Android version has just launched, too. It still feels like early days for AnyDesk but we like the way it’s challenging the incumbent leader TeamViewer. Who doesn’t love a plucky underdog?

How it can be improved

AnyDesk has a long way to go before it can rival TeamViewer for features, so if you need all those advanced tools, you’ll still have to go with our Gold Award winner. The software also triggered a couple of alerts in VirusTotal. They’re probably false positives but you might prefer not to take the risk.

We came close to giving AnyDesk our Gold Award because we like the way it’s challenging the status quo. However, it’s still a little too far behind TeamViewer to usurp the crown just yet. If you want something simpler, though, it’s definitely one to keep an eye on.

JoinMe – Free Screen Sharing Tools 

If you don’t like the fact that screen sharing Tool seems to trigger problems with VirusTotal, then could be the answer. JoinMe is a web-based option that you don’t need to install, so it doesn’t come with any software that might be carrying malicious files (or appear that way to some antivirus tools).

Join Me for pc
Join Me for pc

To start a session, you have to go to the website and create an account, providing your email address. Once you’ve confirmed that you own the address, you can either set up a site for regular screen sharing meetings (at or create a one-off code that people can use to connect on a single occasion. Once you’re connected, you can share screen with your invitees or vice versa, and chat either by text or webcam.

How it can be improved hogs a significant slice of your PC’s resources, perhaps because it’s doing everything on the fly without any supporting software. While the Chrome browser we were running it from worked reasonably well, the host computer slowed to a crawl when we tried to do anything else. What’s more, you have to subscribe for £9 per month if you want to be able to control one PC from another. offers a quick and simple way to share screens without having to install software. Its features are limited in the free version, however, and we found that it slowed down our PC considerably.


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