Microsoft Delays Windows 10 Update To Beat Bugs

Microsoft Delays Windows 10 Update To Beat Bugs
Microsoft Delays Windows 10 Update To Beat Bugs

What Happened?

We’re not the only ones who are tired of Microsoft’s buggy monthly updates. Microsoft Delays Windows 10 Update To Beat Bugs. The software giant is changing the way it rolls out minor tweaks to Windows to avoid problems in the future

Last October, Microsoft pushed out a feature update to Windows 10 that wreaked so much havoc – including deleting user data-that the company was forced to pause the release to fix the bugs. The April before that a similar biannual feature update caused computer crashes and reboot issues With all that in mind, the next major update is being rolled out differently

This year’s Windows 10 Spring Update is already later than expected. Microsoft didn’t specify when it would arrive, but as the code was finished in March, it was expected to roll out in April. However, Microsoft has now delayed its release until May

First the update will be sent out to beta testers, who will live with it for a month. That should give those techsevvy previewers time to spot any bugs and get them fixed When it’s finally released, you’ll be able to put off installing the Spring Update for months so you can wait to see if it causes any problems. However, you’ll still be able to get the monthly security updates without installing the feature update.

As well as those changes, Microsoft has created a dashboard that lets you track feature updates more easily. This will list known problems and any incompatibilities with other programs, so if you’re worried about a specific software clash, you can check first before installing

Some of the bugs Microsoft missed in the last feature update were reported but not fixed before release. To stop this happening again, Microsoft is turning to machine learning to gather bug reports from social media, rather than relying solely on user-submitted reports.

How will it affect you?

If you’ve been waiting for the Spring Update, you’ll have to wait a little longer for features such as the new light theme the built-in sandbox for virtualisation, a new layout for the Start menu and the separation of Cortana from standard Search. None of those options is likely to be life-changing so hopefully waiting until the end of May won’t be too much to bear. If you’re part of the Windows Insider beta-testing Program, you’ll see the update a lot sooner, and can help the developers look for bugs.

When the update finally arrives you’ll be able to delay installing and running it for as long as you like, until Windows 10 reaches the end of its life, when Microsoft will force you to run all feature updates. Monthly security and stability patches can also be pushed back for five weeks in total, although you can only do this one week at a time. In general, the new system means feature updates may take a little longer to arrive but will probably have fewer obscure bugs.

What do we think? Microsoft made a big mistake last year. Its faulty feature update has put plenty of users off installing updates, and that’s a problem when most of Microsoft’s updates fix security and stability issues. This time, rather than forcing out its new set of features, the company is taking its time to get everything right, ensuring there are fewer bugs and more testing

The use of machine learning to search tweets and other online sources for complaints is dever. Most of us don’t know how or where to file bug reports – assuming it even occurs to us to do so – but we’re happy to fire up social media and scream into the internet about our lost data and failed updates.

It’s remarkable that social media hasn’t been used as a source of bug reports before, and it’s a pity that such a great idea only came about as the result of a shoddy update, but in the future it should help spot problems more quickly

All in all the past six months have been a hard lesson for Microsoft. The problems of the last feature update should never have happened. After all, Microsoft is one of the richest, best known and most capable software engineering firms on the planet.

But rather than pretending nothing happened, Microsoft has put the work in to avoid another buggy update. Here’s hoping the company sticks with it rather than resting on its laurels if this update proves more successful


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