How to Increase Blog Traffic : 10+ Tips will Help You


Hi Friends.How was your Today??

Hope well?. Are you a Blogger whoever Newbie or Old  (I am not using word Veteran or Experienced) in Blogging and Struggling for Blog’s Traffic?? If Yes, then this post is for you.  Today, I’m here with a few Tips and Facts based on Experience of many Veteran Bloggers and I’m sure these will help you in increasing or boosting your Traffic. Let’s Start Friends-

1.Content is King

Source: Medium.Com

It In January 1996, Bill Gates (Founder of Microsoft and a billionaire now) wrote an essay titled “Content is King”. After that, it became a phrase and uses frequently by many famous Bloggers till now. It’s Great For SEO.
High-quality, Original content on a blog has a significant impact on SEO. Unique content published regularly with 300-500 words will boost your Blog. Remember that never compromise with Post Quality for it’s Quantity.

2. Patience Matters  so Don’t Give Up


A daily updated blog gets traffic 5 Times more than a weekly updated 

blog so keep Patience and consistency.
There should be minimum 50 Posts for Good Traffic. According to a survey, Blog Traffic will become 2x times after posting 50 posts 3x times after 100 posts so Don’t lose Hope and never Give Up.

3.Write Google(SEO)- Friendly 

Yes, Most of the bloggers get their 70-75% traffic from Google so it will not wrong to say that Google friendly means SEO friendly. Write for your readers but it is also necessary to write for Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Alexa and rest.


4. Write User Friendly Also


5. Write Mobile-Friendly  


6. Social Media is Queen 

Where Google is King of Traffic which delivers your posts to a large number of people and make them your Blog’s Visitors . Social Media works as same.

7. Get Backlinks from Quality Comments


8. Add Images in Post and Make them SEO Friendly

Images in blog posts play a major role in increasing your traffiic. Images make your post attractive.
These decreases your Bouce rate also. There  are few mistakes done by bloggers :

1. Searching images on Google for your post. It’s absolutely wrong because most of them are copyrighted and if you will use then even without credits to them then they can complain against you. Always use Stock Images websites for your post

9. Old is Gold 

You hear ever that “Old is Gold” and now, it’s time to make that true. Don’t forget your Old posts because these old posts have power to Increase your Traffic as well as SEO of blog. 

1. Interlink your Old posts among new post as suggestions and convert words used in new post into links by attaching it Relevant previous post links. 
2. Use Random posts and Popular posts widgets in your Blog.

These two things will convert your Post Visitor into Blog Visitor and decrease Bounce Rate of your blog.

10. Keep Your Visitors Engaged 

Average 80% Readers visit your blog for first time so it becomes necessary to keep them Engaged with your site. 

11. Try to Make Blog MultiAuthor

Try to make your Blog MultiAuthor if you can. 62% Visitors like blog with more than one Author.
There are Two ways to make your Multiauthor.
1. Paid Posting – which is not possible for everyone specially Bloggers with low economy.
2. Guest Posting – Yes, it’s possible for everyone. Invite people to write Guest post for Blog. 

12.Day and Time to Publish a Post Matters 



Really, Day and Time matters. According to an analysis by Hubspot, the best days to publish for maximum views are Monday and Thursday, and time of morning is better than evening but this works well when you promote these posts at Facebook, Twitter and other Social medias but Don’t forget that Consistent publishing is more important than the timing of individual posts but if you have to choose a blind date to publish, choose those days.

Final Words:

You read my post- How to increase blog post either using WordPress or Blogspot plateform for blogging, doesn’t matter. I hope that you can more traffic now by following my above tips. 
Please Don’t Forget to Share this Post with your Friends on Social Medias to encourage me to Write such Articles, Hacks and Tricks in Future.
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