[Updated] How to Get Vocab24 Prime Membership (Price Rs. 999) for Free

Hello Friends! Today I am writing for those friends who are preparing for any competitive exam or learning English from Scratch. Nowadays, the English language is becoming essential for all fields so everyone wants to learn it. And Vocab24 app is only one destination for those people. Vocab24 app has many features but a few best features are for Prime Members only who pay Rs. 999 per Year. But you know friend it is too much for poor students and many other people. So, for them, I hacked this app and made Completely Free for all you Guys. Now, You haven’t pay a single penny for it. Follow below Steps to Hack this Vocab24 app.

Prime Features Of Vocab24 App

These are Prime features and most of them are locked as shown below in screenshots.

News Article only for Prime Members
Locked Tests for only prime members

How to Get Vocab24 App Prime Membership worth Rs. 999 for 1 year

Let’s follow the Below Steps:

Step 1:  InstallVocab24 app (Updated) in your mobile (Uninstall if it is already installed and Download from above link and install) and sign in with your email id. You will find the Prime Features at last and in different Section with name Prime.

Note: Don’t Install Vocab24 App from Play Store because Trick is not working in New Version of App. Download it from above given downloading link and don’t update your app if any Updated version of this App come

Step 2: Download Hack App Data Pro (Updated) app and Install it

Step 3: Click on “Hack User Apps”
Step 4: A list with your all installed Apps will appear. find Vocab24 and Click on it.
Step 5: Click on Continue
Step 6: Now it will a message with Succeed. Click on Remove.
Step 7: Click on OK
Step 8: Now Click on Install

Step 9: After Installing, Open app and Login with your Email-id and Password and click on Continue. After a successful Login, close Vocab24 app.

Step 10: Now Again Open Hack App data and click on User Apps and then you will see Hackable word below Vocab24 app. Now click on it.

Step 11: Click on Preference 

Step 12: Click on mySharePrefwifistudy

Step 13: You will see an Option of PRIME_MEMBER and digit “0” will be with it. Click on this.
Step 14: Now we have to change the digit from “0” to “1” and Click on Save and then click on Close

Now Close Vocab24 app and Open again.
Yahoo! All Prime Contents are Unlocked.

Icon of Lock has gone from all Tests
Problem Solved: This is an additional hack so it’s not necessary to follow the below steps.
The problem appears if you click on “VOCAB24 PRIME MEMBERSHIP (View Your Plan)” then the app will be crashed so you have to follow below steps to get rid of this problem.
Step 1 : After Click on mySharePrefwifistudy , Now click on “PRIME_MEMBER_EXPIREDATE
Hack Vocab24 App Lifetime Premium
Step 2: Set it to “2040-12-31 00:30:00” as shown in below screenshot and click on Save.
Hack Vocab24 App Lifetime Premium
Step 3: Go back and Open Vocab24 app and click on Setting and then click on “VOCAB24 PRIME MEMBERSHIP (View Your Plan)” . You will find that your plan will expire on 31st December 2040 (You can see it in below screenshots). ??
Hack Vocab24 App Lifetime Premium
Hack Vocab24 App Lifetime Premium
If you find this Post helpful then please share with your friends and if you face any problem in this Hacking then Comment below. I will give You the best solution. Thank You!!
Disclaimer: We are not mean to Void any violation of Vocab24. These Methods are Only for Educational Purpose. Try it at your Own Risk. I / Author / Bloghatrick is not responsible for any Harm or for Any Violation of Any Party.


  1. Dear sir, i followed all steps instructed by you but did not find that amounting option.. Request you to kindly help me.. I am unable to afford 1k

  2. I am very grateful to. You.
    If you need to finance your website or. Work. I am happy to pay you 25% of this prime membership. Thanks a lot dear bro.. Oops hacker BRO ?

  3. Getting error “There was an error while parsing the package” when I try to install it after removing using hack app data.

    Tried multiple times but no luck. I’m following exact same procedure

  4. Parsing error.. downloaded application from your site… Is this problem of android version ? Mine is 8.1

    • Have you not found option “PRIME_MEMBER” ?
      If yes, then you’re missing any step.
      Follow all steps properly.
      If not, then Vocab24 app may not be downloaded from my blog.

  5. Brother after touching preference option on i did not get the option of myshareprefwifistudy please help

  6. Hey bro u r awesome. U made my day. I am looking for this app and u nailed it bro.
    I have only one word for u. Awesome

  7. Can you hack ” Gate academy test series application ” ( android )
    Made easy test series application ( android)

    And one more thing Thank you so much Vocab24 is working
    Really you are genius…..
    If you can hack Gate academy or Made easy test , please do this this will help me alot

    Please please please

  8. Or please hack
    Ace academy test series / or
    Kreatiyx test series
    Gate academy test series
    Made easy test series


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